Common Signs of Rodent Infestation in your House

One Two TreeRodents are unwelcome house guests that can become a significant problem if you do nothing about them. And while they only have a 1-year life span, these nocturnal creatures can produce over 200 offspring within their lives. Unfortunately, since they are nocturnal, staying hidden during the day, it may take you a long time to notice them in your home.
Many common signs can tell you if it’s time to find an expert in rodent control in South Florida. Here are some common signs of rodent infestation in your house.


This is one easy indicator that you’re dealing with a massive rodent infestation in
your home. If you notice small dark droppings scattered randomly inside or on your cupboard, then it’s time to call a professional to help address the problem. You may find these dropping close to food or their breeding areas so be sure to check your kitchen

Strange noises in the walls

Rodents are rarely seen during the day and are mostly active at night. This is the time you might notice squeaking sounds, running and gnawing sounds from behind walls and ceilings.

Evidence of gnawing

Rodents have a habit of chewing on almost everything around your house in search of food from wood to paperboard and even harder materials. Furthermore, their teeth always grow continuously. To keep them short, they must gnaw. This is why you’ll notice tooth marks in areas that are rodent-infested.



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